Why are Moscow Mules Served Out of Copper Mugs?

It is all a part of Moscow Mule tradition – serve the vodka cocktail, made with ginger beer and lime juice, from a copper container – namely an attractively hammered mule mug made of copper. Copper is chosen because it collaborates well with the drink.

Historically, the cocktail was made with the aforementioned ingredients and ice. Copper, it is found, has the scientific properties that make Moscow Mules cold and tasty. You simply cannot gain the same effect with plastic or glass. Moscow Mules are made of the type of ingredients that are designed for copper.

Copper is not only a conductor of hot or cold, it is also a healthful element. Whether you serve Moscow Mules in the cup or opt for a beer or cold iced tea, the effect will be the same. The beverage’s flavors will stand out and the coldness will be retained. Copper causes any environmental or body heat to escape when ice is added to a drink.

If you are drinking a hot beverage, then a copper cup will cause any chill from the outside to get away, leaving you to enjoy the hot temperature. Coffee, hot chocolate and warm teaall retain heat when they are poured into a copper cup.

Again, it would just be a contrarian move to serve Moscow Mules from any container other than copper. In fact, limited edition copper mule mugs are featured that are hammered and embedded with a limited edition logo. Therefore, making a switch to glass would also take away from the presentation of the drink. You can only serve the cocktail in copper as it makes a better presentation and provides a scintillating drinking experience. You simply cannot say the same for any other material

Why are Moscow Mules Served Out of Copper MugsMoscow Mules are not at home in any other tumbler or drinking cup other than a copper mug or tankard. Therefore, you need to stay true to the Moscow Mule tradition and make sure the tankards and mugs you use when serving the drink feature the gleaming metal.


If you want to enjoy your drink more, then copper is the preferred, if not only, choice for the serving of the Moscow Mule. If you do drink the drink from a glass cup, it can be a disappointment. The cup does not retain its chill and the drink does not retain its zing.

Why are Moscow Mules served from copper mugs? Drink the drink from both a glass container and a copper container and you will immediately discover the difference.

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