What can you drink in a copper mug?

Moscow Mule cupsYou’ve probably seen them in stores…you’ve definitely seen them in bars & restaurants but people are still asking the question “What can you drink in a copper mug?”

Basically, they can be used for essentially any cold beverage and they’ll enhance the drinking experience while keeping them colder, longer than other types of drinking vessels made from glass, plastic or other metals. For years, copper has been used for drinking because the metal is malleable and a great thermal conductor.

Moreover, the minerals in copper are good for your health (find out about the purification and Ayurvedic health benefits here when drinking from unlined copper mugs). Because copper is well-supplied by nature, the metal has been used in a variety of items and has taken the form of a variety of sizes and shapes. Copper contains an insulating element – which is deal for keeping drinks cold or maintaining the temperature of drinks.

Moscow Mule MugsThe ability of copper to maintain the temperature of a drink has led to the popularity of serving the Moscow Mule. Copper cups are the vessels that Moscow Mule aficionados prefer as the metal brings out the flavors of the lime and ginger beer in the popular vodka cocktail. In fact, people who enjoy the drink often keep a collection of a variety of copper mugs. You simply cannot drink the Moscow Mule without pouring it into a copper tankard or cup.

Having said all of that, the Moscow Mule is not the only vodka drink that has popularized the copper mug. Other vodka inspired drinks are often presented and served in copper drinking cups. Hot drinks are compatible with copper too though please proceed with caution to avoid burning you lips…warm drinks are probably the better call. Drinks such as hot chocolate, tea, apple cider or coffee, are sometime consumed from a copper cup.

Drinkware Essentials Pebble-31-2One of the great features of a copper mug is the fact that it is so versatile. Not only can you serve vodka, rum or any other spirit cocktails in the mug, you can enjoy cold iced tea & lemonade in the summer or warm tea or cider in the wintertime. The copper brings out the taste of both summer and winter drinks – cold and hot beverages.

You don’t have to limit you consumption of the Moscow Mule to only the famed cocktail. Whether its a Mint Julep, Rum Punch, Dark and Stormy, Screw Driver, Margarita, Greyhound, copper is an adaptable material and can be used in mugs and cups for all kinds of drinks. You’ll come to the realization after scooping up a set that they’re not just for adults. We’ve heard LOTS stories of how kids LOVE drinking their juice, smoothies and milk out of frosty copper mugs. In fact, more than once have we received feedback about how “Our kids love them just as much or more than we do!”. Versatility and broad appeal are a couple of the many benefits…plus they make memorable gifts!