How to Clean Copper Mugs

How to Clean Copper MugsWhen you receive any item made of copper, at first it is shiny and simply beautiful. The mugs used for serving Moscow Mules (and other cocktails), cold beers and non-alcoholic cold drinks are also attractive tankards to add to kitchen shelves and for presenting summertime drinks at cookouts and gatherings. However, over time, even these shiny containers will tarnish and need to be cleaned.

Copper is a metal that tarnishes and can also be difficult to clean when it is placed in the dishwasher. Therefore, you cannot rely on today’s appliances to help you keep the metal lustrous. You have to use a bit of elbow grease. Therefore, once you’ve purchased copper mugs, you need to know now that the cups will have to be cleaned and maintained with hand washing & drying. Use warm water and a mild dish soap then dry by hand…super simple. Otherwise, they will lose that newly purchased gleam and tarnish (which to be fair, is perfectly fine for some people).

It is imperative to understand how to clean copper mugs. By now, you should already know that you are not supposed to place the mugs in the dishwasher (and if you didn’t know, you’re welcome :). The good news is that cleaning the mugs yourself isn’t a laborious process. Its very simple: all you need to clean the cups is a dishcloth or sponge, warm water, a mild liquid soap and a dry towel. Even when copper is cleaned, it will tarnish over time (its a natural oxidation process) Wright's Copper Cleanerso from time to time, you have to supplement the process with the use of a food-grade copper cleaner as well (we’re big fans of Wright’s Copper Cleaner).
The cleaner is normally designed to be used on copper pots and pans but can also be used on tumbler and mugs made of the metal.

If you wish to use a more natural copper “polish,” you might try rubbing a mixture of vinegar (or lemon) and salt over the surface of your copper mugs then rub to remove any tarnishing and grime. This option is preferred by people who do not like using commercial substances and feel more secure using a completely natural product.

Even if it causes the mug to look somewhat “antique”, the natural cleaning method will give the copper an older, rather vintage look. In most cases, people hardly can tell the difference between using lemon or a commercial brand copper polish.

Treat yourself…pick up a set of copper mugs for your home, today!


how to clean copper mugs