How to care for copper mugs

Copper Mug Care Instructions:How to care for copper mugs

Tarnishing and oxidation is a natural process that happens to most metals including copper. Drinkware Essentials’ copper mugs are coated with a food-safe lacquer to help reduce tarnishing. However, with time and usage it will slowly wear off, the shine will fade and spots may appear. We recommend using a polish like Wright’s Copper Cream to keep the copper looking its best.

To maximize your investment and ensure your copper mugs last for years, wash with mild soap and dry by hand. NEVER PUT YOUR MUGS INTO THE DISHWASHER. Some customers like the vintage aesthetic a tarnished copper mug yields but others don’t. For those in the latter category who want to maintain a clean look:

• Pour a mixture of white vinegar and table salt over the copper mug
• Rub to remove any tarnishing and grime
• Rinse and repeat if necessary

Manufacturer’s Disclaimer

Copper is a highly conductive metal and extremely sensitive to temperature. Translation: if you use your copper mug with cold liquids, the mug will become cold. And yes…if you use it with hot liquids, the cup will become hot. Additionally, metals and microwaves don’t mix so never put your copper mug into one.


How to care for copper mugs