Are Copper Mugs Good for Drinking Beer?

Are Copper Mugs Good for Drinking Beer?Are Copper Mugs Good for Drinking Beer

The Moscow Mule has always been associated with the use of copper mugs. The copper is a conductor – a metal that lends coldness to the drink quickly as well as holds the chill, thereby making it the ideal substance to use in the making of mugs or tankards.

The Moscow Mule itself is made of a combination of vodka, lime juice and ginger, all which is enhanced when drank from a cold tankard made of copper. However, you can also drink beer or ale from a cold mug made of copper and achieve the same effect in terms of coldness and taste. A mug made exclusively of copper is the best pick though there are many stainless steel mugs that are copper plated that get the job done as well.

A Summer Pastime

People who drink Moscow Mules or beer appreciate the character of copper and its ability to keep their drinks cold and provide the refreshment needed in the warm days of summer. Thanks to copper, summer drinking is made all the more enjoyable.

Because copper has a high level of thermal conductivity, the heat of a summer’s day or one’s body heat is immediately transferred and escapes from the mug in an instant. As soon as the drink is poured in the mug and ice is added, the entire mug is chilled as well as the rim (for best results, put your copper mugs into the freezer for 30 minutes prior to mixing). Connoisseurs of Moscow Mules and beer love the cool sensation it brings to their drinking experience.

Unlike frosted mugs of glass, where the ice starts to melt when the Moscow Mule or beer is poured, a hammered copper mug does not hold the coolness for just a few minutes but for a long, long time. You can even sip on your beer or cocktail and enjoy the cold beverage for several hours because of copper’s ability to retain the coldness from liquids and ice.

A Mug for Beer Drinkers Too

Because the copper mug enhances the flavors of the ginger beer and lime in a Moscow Mule, it will also provide the same benefits for beer drinkers. Beer just tastes better—and a cold beer at that—when it is imbibed from a copper container.

A food safe lacquer is a thin coating that removes any hints of a copper taste. However, usually, if any metal taste occurs, it is because the drink has been diluted – something which rarely happens when ice is added to a Moscow Mule. That is because, as explained, the copper metal removes heat rather than attracts it. Therefore, the drink will not become diluted to the same degree as it would in a container made of another material.

Besides enhancing the tastes of Moscow Mules and beer, copper mugs add to the drink presentation so they’re ideal serving cups for summer gatherings and cookouts that feature beer, cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages, such as iced tea and lemonade.

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Are Copper Mugs Good for Drinking Beer